What’s the Difference Between OWCP Forms CA-2 & CA-2a?

The key difference between OWCP forms CA-2 and CA-2a lies in whether you’re filing a new claim or reporting a recurrence of a previous condition:

CA-2 (Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation): Use this form to initiate a new claim for an occupational disease. This applies when your work activities gradually caused a medical condition over time, rather than a single incident.

CA-2a (Federal Employee’s Notice of Recurrence of Disability and Claim for Pay/Compensation): This form is for reporting a recurrence of a disability related to a previously accepted OWCP claim. This could happen if your condition worsens or you become disabled again after a period of recovery.

For both forms, you’ll need to provide details about your condition, employment history, and medical evidence to support your claim.

Here’s a table summarizing the key differences: