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The federal workers compensation doctors at Federal Injury Centers of New York provide top-notch injury care and expert OWCP forms assistance by experienced DOL-OWCP providers.

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    If you file incorrectly you could lose your benefits. We can help!

    Federal Workers Compensation Clinic in NYC

    The dedicated federal workers compensation doctors at Federal Injury Centers of New York know how to properly treat federal work comp injuries. Furthermore, their OWCP forms experts provide complimentary OWCP claims assistance for federal workers who have been injured on-the-job. Our team of federal work comp doctors is experienced in case management, medical care, and injury rehabilitation. We proudly serve injured federal employees and help them receive the medical care and compensation benefits afforded to them by the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA).

    Federal Workers Compensation Doctors

    Our doctors take federal workers compensation cases and proudly serve injured federal employees by providing the best in medical care, injury rehab, and OWCP forms assistance. The Federal Employees Compensation Act gives federal workers the right to choose their federal work comp doctor. So many choose Federal Injury Centers of New York because we treat injured federal workers like family.

    Injured Working for the Federal Government?

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    OWCP Injury Claims

    We excel in delivering excellent injury care and proficient support for claims to federal employees who have been injured. Our focus is on guiding them through the OWCP claims process, ensuring approval of their claims. We prioritize medically necessary treatments that align with regulations and federal laws, all delivered with empathy and a sincere dedication to aiding our patients in their recovery journey, aiming for a seamless return to their normal lives. We are dedicated to offering the highest standard of injury care to federal employees, committing ourselves to each individual we assist.

    Below are some of the commonly required OWCP forms that injured federal workers must complete to initiate a claim and locate a treating doctor (attending physician):

    • Form CA-1: Federal Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation
    • Form CA-2: Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation
    • Form CA-2a: Notice of Recurrence
    • Form CA-5: Claim for Compensation by Surviving Spouse and/or Children

    If you need help accessing or completing these forms, please call us at (646) 665-7109 for free claims assistance.


    Steven Moalemi, MD

    Our medical director, Steven S. Moalemi, MD, FAAPMR*, is a leading physiatrist in the Tri-State area with a convenient central location in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. Dr. Moalemi and his staff firmly believe and share the same mission: to provide injury care and rehabilitation in a comfortable setting with our patient’s overall well-being in mind.

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